Ilkley Art Class at the Clarke Foley Centre

A Course of Drawing and Painting at the Clarke Foley Centre in Ilkley, West Yorkshire

  • 10 week courses
  • 2 hours per week
  • All levels welcome
  • Develop your own ideas
  • Choose your own medium or technique

Guidance will be given to help each individual work at their own level of understanding and enjoyment. Tution will be friendly, informal and sympathetic to the needs of the individual.

Course Fees

You can pay online by filling in the details at the top of this page, please use this method also if you wish to pay by Cash or Cheque by selecting the option on checkout. On completion of your order you will be emailed a order number, please include this with your cheque.

Alternatively if you do not have an email facility please send a cheque with the class/classes you would like to attend and we will process this in the same way and confirm the details on receipt.

Day classes will commence at the times stated on the venue list.

Evening classes will commence at 7.00pm and finish at 9pm. The cost for each course will be £140 for 10 classes.