Overton Fine Art Links

Here is a selection of the partners we currently work with and highly recommend.



The Yorkshire Dales Society is an independent charity which has been operating to protect, conserve and promote the Dales for 25 years. It provides a voice for people who care about the Dales to be heard at local and national level, enabling them to be represented in local consultations, planning and decision making.



Wallace Seymour Fine Art Products

Wallace Seymour’s range of fine art products has been devised to offer all artists the opportunity to access the latest paint technology and optimum quality at a reasonable price.

The range comprises over twenty years of experience within the field of fine art, as an artist, lecturer and maker of painting materials. Using a fusion of the best quality binders and pigments, carefully prepared to give optimum results.

All products are made in the United Kingdom, using bespoke machinery, with the latest paint chemistry.




The Beara Gallery Ireland showcases selected works of local artists which take you right to the heart of the magnificence that is unique to the Beara.