Pip Seymour 18C Watercolour Disc Set

We no longer stock Wallace and Seymour fine art products. However the Beara Gallery carry an extensive stock, which can be viewed online by clicking here

Hand-made watercolour cakes, prepared with historic pigments, gum arabic, gum tragacanth, honey.

Formed by hand and left to air dry into small round discs.

Contains the following colours:

Azurite Copper carbonate
Blue Verditer Copper carbonate
Burgundy Apricot Ochre
Burgundy Red Ochre
Burgundy Yellow Ochre
Gamboge, natural
Honister Green Slate Cumbria
Indigo natural, from India
Madder Lake natural
Malachite Copper carbonate
Ultramarine Ashes from Lapis lazul