Pip Seymour Products


Pip Seymour Extra Fine Acrylic is a British-made acrylic paint, made using high quality pigments.

These acrylic paints use a light and age resistant flexible binder which give excellent coverage and permanence. The range of 80 colours has been carefully developed to achieve maximum intensity, according to the characteristics of the individual pigments used in manufacture.

The range includes signature colours such as Verdaccio and Cinabrese, which can be used in combination to mirror the flesh painting technique common to early Italian painting.

Cruscially, Pip has made a significant number of colours priced in Series 1, so that any artist, at any stage can access high key, essential brilliant colours.

A thin layer in normal conditions would dry in about 15-30 minutes allowing for over-painting within a short period of time. The total drying time of the acrylic paint will be a number of days.

Pip Seymour acrylics can be painted on any dirt and grease free surfaces using a brush, painting knife or spatula. If the surfaces have been primed correctly, they work well on canvas, art board, artist papers and wood. The paint will also adhere to clean plastic surfaces such as plexiglass or perspex and de-greased glass. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Pip Seymour Extra Fine Acrylic can be easily diluted with water to make delicate watercolour washes. It can also be admixed with acrylic mediums (gel, fluid medium, varnish), to create different textures and viscosities.

For more information about Pip Seymour’s Artist’s Acrylic Paint and Fine Art Products, visit  www.overtonfinearts.co.uk